MADISON – Governor Tony Evers, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority Executive Director Joaquin Altoro, and Wisconsin Interagency Council on Homelessness Director Michael Basford announced today the availability of $500,000 for projects to help fight homelessness.

The funding application and further information was published today on the Council’s website at

“Homelessness and housing insecurity affect kids in the classroom, it affects our criminal justice system, and it affects economic development in our communities,” said Gov. Evers. “I’ve always said we need to connect the dots on this important issue, so I’m incredibly pleased to see the good work and collaboration that is occurring between WHEDA and the Wisconsin Interagency Council on Homelessness.”

Applications for funding will be accepted through Friday, August 9th. Eligible uses of funds include new construction, building acquisition, rehabilitation, handicapped accessibility improvements, conversion of or additions to buildings, site acquisition, and other development activities.

“As a proud member of the Interagency Co
uncil on Homelessness chaired by Governor Tony Evers, WHEDA is extremely gratified to provide this funding to those in desperate need,” said WHEDA Executive Director Joaquin Altoro. “We will also continue to use our highly successful allocation of federal and state housing tax credits to finance rental developments in an effort to offer the most vulnerable individuals statewide stable housing and services.”

Distribution of the funds will be through a request for proposals competitive process and is open to all organizations, associations and businesses – public- and private-sector and for-profit and non-profit entities are encouraged to apply. The Council will look to fund as many projects as possible with these grants and looks to help a wide variety of projects throughout the entire state.
“I am very grateful for the funding availability from WHEDA,” said ICH Director Michael Basford. “This will help organizations all over Wisconsin with their missions to help homel
ess people in the state. The Council will be working to get the funds out as quickly as possible.”

For more information on the housing grant, please contact Michael Basford at 608-266-3633

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