MADISON, Wis. – Following recent storms, water levels have degraded the safety conditions on many public hunting grounds and waterways around the state. The Department of Natural Resources advises waterfowl hunters as well as anglers and boaters to take additional safety precautions while afield.

“Currents are running fast in unexpected places. Anyone heading into the water should wear a life jacket and watch for floating debris,” said DNR chief warden Todd Schaller. “It’s important to remember to stay within your ability and equipment limits and to avoid strong current areas.”

DNR properties across the state are experiencing unusually high water levels. Loose cattail mats have rapidly changed marsh topography, stranding some hunters in the field. Conservation wardens have responded to distress calls from hunters stranded on the water as flood stage conditions worsen.

DNR staff members are working to remove blockages and control water flow where possible, and the department expects water levels to remain high for many days to weeks following recent storms.

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