Contact: Barbara Beckert,, 414-292-2724

Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW), the designated Protection and Advocacy system for people with disabilities, is pleased to support Governor Evers’ Dental Access Initiative.
Many Wisconsinites with disabilities experience significant difficulties in obtaining regular dental care, resulting in many preventable extractions, a high incidence of periodontal disease, and other reduced health outcomes. Data provided by the Wisconsin State Health Plan, Healthiest Wisconsin 2020, indicates that 29% of adults with disabilities reported having at least one permanent tooth removed over the past year, and 26% said they had not visited a dentist within the past year.

The Governor’s proposal leverages multiple approaches to address inequities in oral health
care, including funding to improve access for Medicaid members. DRW is encouraged by the potential to improve access to dental care for many Wisconsinites with disabilities.

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