Gov. Tony Evers says he will not make a decision on how to use his partial or full veto authority on the state budget until lawmakers present him with a finalized version.

The Joint Finance Committee last week wrapped up its deliberations on the guv’s original proposal. The panel approved a number of GOP-backed measures and largely rejected Evers’ proposals on health care, education and transportation.

The JFC version of the budget now heads to the state Assembly and Senate, where it is expected to be taken up on the floor in the last week of June.

When quizzed by reporters Monday, Evers refused to tip his hand as to what he plans to do with GOP-backed document.

“At the end of the day, we won’t be making any decisions until we see what comes out of both houses,” he said.

Evers also said he has yet to meet with Republican legislative leaders to negotiate changes to the budget, but added that he plans to reach out to them before the bodies meet to take up the JFC’s proposal.

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