Today, Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced the first in a series of prominent endorsements for his candidacy for Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District. Kevin Nicholson, Marine Corps Veteran and President & CEO of No Better Friend Corp., announced today that he would not enter the race for Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional district and endorsed Scott Fitzgerald in his bid for the seat. 

“The voters of the 5th Congressional District will be well served with Scott Fitzgerald as their congressman. I hope others will join me in supporting him,” said Nicholson. “My focus remains on growing the conservative movement in Wisconsin through No Better Friend, helping the President, Justice Kelly and Republican legislators win their elections, and then preparing to win a statewide race in 2022.”

Fitzgerald, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Wisconsin Army Reserve, a 25-year legislative veteran, and longtime leader of the Senate Republican caucus, celebrated the endorsement as one of many signals of the growing momentum for his candidacy to replace retiring Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner.

“I’m so grateful for the outpouring of support that we’ve received in the month since we launched Scott Fitzgerald for Congress, and we’re thrilled to have Kevin’s endorsement as my candidacy gains momentum,” said Fitzgerald. “I support the initiatives that Kevin and his team at No Better Friend are undertaking to grow the conservative movement in and around Wisconsin. I am confident that Kevin will remain a strong voice in Wisconsin politics, and I’m glad to hear Kevin is considering running for statewide office in 2022.”

This is the first of several endorsements from prominent Wisconsin conservatives that the Fitzgerald for Congress team will roll out this week.

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