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MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today joined State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski for the first meeting of the Governor’s Task Force on Retirement Security. The task force, created through Executive Order #45, is chaired by State Treasurer Godlewski and is tasked with developing strategies to educate Wisconsinites about the importance of saving for retirement and making tools to do so more accessible.
“Too many Wisconsinites lack the tools they need to save for retirement and reach their financial goals,” Gov. Evers said. “This task force is going to be critically important for the future financial health of our state, the wellness of our families, and in making sure Wisconsin is working for everyone.”

“Hardworking Wisconsinites deserve to have peace of mind and feel secure when they retire,” said State Treasurer Godlewski. “We know the current retirement system is not working and leaving our state and our citizens financially vulnerable. When a majority of folks across our state are feeling anxious about their retirement or that they won’t have enough saved to handle retirement expenses, the time is now to tackle this important economic issue.”

The full membership list of the Governor’s Task Force on Retirement Security can be found here

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