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MADISON – Gov. Tony Evers today launched a back to school webpage for parents to learn about resources to ensure their kids and families have a healthy start to the school year.

The Department of Health Services’ (DHS) webpage contains essential information for parents about promoting kid’s physical health, accessing health care, understanding immunization requirements, accessing free or reduced school meals for qualified students, finding childcare services, supporting children living with mental health challenges, and encouraging healthy social behavior during the school year.

“A kid’s ability to succeed in the classroom can be impacted by both their physical and mental health,” said Gov. Evers. “If a kid doesn’t feel well, it can affect their attention, behavior, ability to make friends, and ultimately their school performance. That is why it’s critical for us to connect the dots so parents can access all of the resources they need to help their kids succeed.”

The webpage includes information from DHS, Department of Public Instruction, Department of Children and Families, and other family-serving organizations. It also includes a video message from Gov. Evers encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated and a back to school checklist for parents which recommends the following health tips:

Physical Health

Make sure your child has the required immunizations.
Find a health care provider that can support your child’s needs.
Promote physical activity and a healthy diet.
Find a dental care provider for your child.
Understand health-related conditions that affect children. For example, asthma, diabetes, influenza, head lice, and childhood lead poisoning.
Mental Health

Learn about mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention strategies.
Learn how to support children who have experienced trauma and help them build resiliency.
Support LGBT students who are at higher risk of living with a mental health condition.
Healthy Social Behavior

Promote children’s social and emotional learning.
Understand ways to prevent and address bullying.
Promote healthy screen time use by prioritizing face-to-face communication with family members and peers.
Learn strategies to prevent and address risky behavior like e-cigarette use, underage drinking, and other substance use.

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