JANESVILLE — Gov. Tony Evers today signed bipartisan legislation Senate Bill 26, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 12, and Senate Bill 38, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 13, into law. 

Senate Bill 26, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 12, relates to step therapy protocols for prescription drug coverage and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority. The bill increases transparency as to how insurance companies develop step therapy protocols and it provides protection to patients seeking an exception to a step therapy protocol. This legislation places some of the control back into the hands of health care providers and patients to decide the best drug treatment regime for a medical condition.

Senate Bill 38, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 13, relates to dispensing, distributing, or selling dialysate, drugs, or devices necessary for providing home peritoneal kidney dialysis. The bill streamlines the process for in-home dialysis patients to receive their medication by removing an unnecessary regulation that requires in-home dialysis distribution centers to get a pharmacist license.

“I’ve said all along that healthcare should not be a privilege afforded only to the healthy and the
wealthy, and we have to continue doing everything we can to make sure that folks in all 72 counties can access the life-saving care they need and deserve without barrier or burden,” said Gov. Evers. “I’m proud to sign these bipartisan bills into law today that are important steps in that direction.”

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