The liberal Greater Wisconsin Committee is running a new TV ad that asks how Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn can “possibly be fair” considering his views.

The group said the ad will run on broadcast and cable TV, as well as digital platforms. But it didn’t provide specifics on the markets or the size of the buy.

It comes on the heels of media reports detailing Hagedorn’s past blog posts, speeches he gave to the Alliance Defense Fund and his association with a school that prohibits employees and students from being in a same-sex relationship.

The ad accuses Hagedorn of “working alongside an extremist hate group to try and strip hospital visitation rights from gay partners.” The narrator also says he received a “free junket to Mexico while personally pocketing thousands from the hate group” and “helps run a new school that bans students, teachers and parents for being gay.”

The spot concludes, “Ask Judge Brian Hagedorn: With views like this, how can he possibly be fair?”

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