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Neubauer continues to leave voters in the dark on judicial philosophy

Judge Hagedorn delivered a victory in the final debate of the 2019 Wisconsin Supreme Court race aired by WISN-TV. In the hour-long debate moderated by Mike Gousha, Judge Hagedorn made the case to voters as to why he is best suited to defend the rule of law, uphold our Constitution,and protect the public on the Court.

“Judge Hagedorn made a strong closing argument to the voters tonight,” said Lexi Ardis, campaign manager for Judge Hagedorn. “Throughout this campaign, Judge Hagedorn has been very transparent about his judicial philosophy – a strong adherence to looking at the law as written and leaving politics out of courtroom – while Lisa Neubauer continues to leave voters in the dark.

“Neubauer is hiding behind a tagline to distract the voters from her partisan past and leanings, and she continues to say one thing while doing another. Wisconsin voters can’t afford to let Lisa Neubauer turn the Supreme Court into a political playground.”

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