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More than 750,000 reasons why she’s flip-flopping on outside money

Lisa Neubauer’s hypocrisy is on full display this week as ex-Attorney General Eric “We Kick’ Em” Holder drops D.C. cash in Wisconsin to support her campaign. Holder’s Democrat gerrymandering group reportedly plans to spend $350,000 to support Neubauer, and special interest groups have already spent more than $400,000 on her behalf.

“Lisa Neubauer called outside money ‘toxic’ when she launched her campaign, but now there are 750,000 reasons why she’s flip-flopping,” said Lexi Ardis, campaign manager for Judge Brian Hagedorn. “Neubauer’s hypocrisy is exactly what she says is wrong with the Court.”

“There’s nothing good about outside money — special interest money — coming in to influence court elections.” – Lisa Neubauer in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This outside money has been, frankly, so toxic. You know it runs down the court system in the minds of the public — it really undermines the public’s confidence in our judicial system.” – Lisa Neubauer on UpFront with Mike Gousha

Will Neubauer being asking Eric Holder, Tom Steyer, and the union bosses to keep their cash out of Wisconsin? Don’t hold your breath,” Ardis continued.

                               Key Questions for Neubauer on Outside Money

  1. Do you believe the support you are receiving from Eric Holder, Tom Steyer, and the SEIU is toxic? If yes, will you public ask them to stay out of the race?
  2. Will you recuse yourself from cases involving groups spending six figures on your behalf? If not, why not?
  3. Based on your own words, should the outside cash spent in support of your campaign undermine the public’s confidence in your candidacy? If not, please explain.
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