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The Friends of Brian Hagedorn campaign today launched a new TV ad, “Trust,” which uncovers Lisa Neubauer’s 30-year track record as a political insider.

“Lisa Neubauer sat on many cases involving clients of her family business, and it raises serious questions,” said Lexi Ardis, campaign manager for Judge Brian Hagedorn. “Not only did she refuse to recuse herself, she kept her client lists secret from the public while the business made millions. Wisconsin simply can’t trust Lisa Neubauer on the Supreme Court.”

Transcript for “Trust” (:30)


Lisa Neubauer spent years showering politicians with contributions…
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/2/19)

Helping her gain influence, while the family business made millions in taxpayer-funded contracts. (Wisconsin Department of Administration)

Neubauer sat on cases involving clients of the business, ruling in their favor…and keeping client lists secret. (WISN Radio, 3/25/19; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/19/19)

We can’t trust Lisa Neubauer.

Fortunately, we have a better choice. Judge Brian Hagedorn.

Judge Hagedorn will keep politics out of the courtroom and uphold our Constitution.

Stand with Judge Brian Hagedorn for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

To learn more about Judge Brian Hagedorn, please visit JudgeHagedorn.com.

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