After evaluating both challengers to Scott Walker-appointed Justice Daniel Kelly, here’s the verdict from the 15,000 workers of IBEW State Conference: Judge Jill Karofsky is by far the best choice to be the next Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Working families in Wisconsin are tired of seeing judges contort their rulings to fit the interests of big-money donors, instead of fairly applying the rule of law.
Jill’s Wisconsin values ensure that she’ll be a Supreme Court Justice for all of us, without fear or favor.
That’s why we’re proud to be part of Jill’s grassroots campaign, with the broadest base of support — volunteers, donors, and endorsers from across Wisconsin who don’t want anything special, just fairness in our courts.
Like many of our members, Jill’s a working mom. And she’s the only person in this race who is or has ever been a trial court judge or a victim advocate.
She reminds us of Justice Rebecca Dallet, who showed us all how to win tough campaigns like this. Make no mistake, this will be a tough race. But with your help, we can win on February 18th and April 7th.
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