Mosinee Mayor Brent Jacobson, a Republican, has released a statement indicating that he is considering entering a special election to fill the seat that will be vacated by Congressman Duffy in less than two weeks.

Mayor Jacobson stated that “over the past two weeks, I have received calls and words of encouragement from supporters.”

Jacobson is serving his third term as Mayor of Mosinee. Jacobson was elected to the position in 2015 after securing over 70 percent of the vote. At age 35, Jacobson is also a full-time practicing attorney. Mayor Jacobson was born and raised in Mosinee where he graduated high school and went on to earn business and law degrees from St. Cloud State and West Virginia University.

In deciding to consider entering the field, Jacobson said, that “Washington could benefit from a local government leader. Small town mayors operate on limited resources with high demands that often call upon them to do the same with less. They regularly have no choice but to make tough decisions that often means saying no. Washington’s history of saying yes has a lot to do with our crushing national debt.”

“The Administration has faced difficult challenges from revamping NAFTA, achieving meaningful tax reform, securing our borders, and negotiating a permanent withdrawal from Afghanistan. The President is going to continue to need strong support from Congress to move American forward and keep us safe. That starts with ensuring we put a strong candidate forward who will keep this seat in the Republican column.”

Jacobson went on to note that “while I am considering entering the race, it is by no means something I am taking lightly. I will be spending time continuing to discuss this with my friends, family and colleagues. I do not think entering a political race at any level is a decision to make hastily. Whatever transpires in the near future, I am confident that Republicans will hold this seat and carry on the great work of our party.”

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