In honor of Veteran’s Day, please see the following statement from Jason Church, candidate for the 7th Congressional District of Wisconsin.

“Veterans serve our nation with honor. None of us did it for the money, the medals or the accolades. We are deployed to places where everyday citizens are oppressed, facing enemies that stand for tyranny and terror. We fight for love of country, for our families, to protect and uphold freedom—the freedom to choose where you want to live, where your children study, what you do for a living, how to live your life and pursue your own happiness. We serve because we understand how precious freedom is, and how quickly it can be taken away.

Nationally, Congress lacks much-needed representation by veterans. I will bring my experience of combat leadership to solve important issues for Wisconsin families and taxpayers fighting alongside President Trump. It was an absolute honor to fight for my nation in uniform, now I look forward to bringing that same passionate fight for the people of the 7th Congressional District in Congress.”

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