JFC adds money to workforce development

Budget BLOG

The state would pump $12.5 million more into workforce development than what Gov. Tony Evers proposed under a motion the Joint Finance Committee approved today.

While more than what the guv floated, it’s short of the additional $15 million that he urged lawmakers to invest after seeing revised revenue numbers.

The motion, approved 11-4 along party lines, includes putting an additional $6 million over the biennium into career and technical education grants for school districts and a boost of $5.5 million for youth apprenticeship grants.

The final $1 million would go to grants that cover the cost of technical education equipment.

The committee’s motion also approved several of Evers’ plans, including $2 million over the biennium that’s earmarked for Marinette Marine to aid the shipbuilder in committee Co-chair John Nygren’s district.

The panel also approved Evers’ plan to dedicate $500,000 to a program that helps people with disabilities obtain work.

The motion also would expand an effort to place job centers in minimum- and medium-security prisons to prepare those now incarcerated for the workforce after their release.

And it includes expanding a youth summer jobs program to communities other than Milwaukee.

Rep. Evan Goyke, D-Milwaukee, said he had no problem with expanding the program, but criticized Republicans for not adding money, which he said means less for his home city.

“If you’re going to extend it, then increase the pie,” Goyke said.