JFC Republicans unveil $483.7 million transportation package

JFC Republicans are proposing increases in the registration and title transfer fees as part of a $483.7 million transportation package they plan to take up this evening.

The plan, which doesn’t include a gas tax increase, would boost the registration fee for autos and light trucks $10 to $85. Meanwhile, the title transfer fee would be increased $95 to $164.50. Gov. Tony Evers had proposed a $10 increase for title transfers.

The package also calls for:

*collecting more fees on hybrids.

*eliminating the refund on fuel taxes to vendors to compensate for shrinkage and evaporation losses.

*eliminating the 1.35 percent administrative allowance that licensed motor vehicle suppliers may deduct when remitting the gas tax.

The plan also would include $326 million in bonding, which JFC Co-chair John Nygren, R-Marinette, said would be the lowest amount in nearly two decades. It would be slightly less than the $338.3 million that Evers had proposed, including $45 million in general fund supported borrowing for passenger rail.