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Rep. Evan Goyke (608) 266-0645

MADISON – Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee continue to dismantle the People’s Budget and block serious discussions on issues that Wisconsinites care about. Governor Evers proposed a budget that makes critical investments in our communities, and Republicans are defying the will of the people throughout this budget process. Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee offered the following comments regarding today’s executive session:

“As we take up portions of the budget today that relate to health care, it is another reminder of the Republican obstruction on Medicaid expansion,” said Sen. Johnson. “By continuing to deny meaningful conversations on this issue, we are making critical decisions about our state budget without a vital piece of revenue that our state would see through expanding Medicaid. It’s irresponsible to willingly ignore the fact that every piece of our Department of Health Services budget is connected to Wisconsin taking advantage of those federal dollars.”

“Once again we are lagging behind other states under the Republicans’ watch,” Rep. Taylor said. “Other states, red and blue, are aggressively addressing the student loan debt crisis to help young people get ahead and Wisconsin Republicans threw out the governor’s proposal for a study committee on student loan debt refinancing. This is the 4th consecutive session of them saying loud and clear that they don’t care about the student loan crisis and the over one million Wisconsinites with student loan debt.”

“As the committee traveled across the State, we heard a call for investment in the working families of Wisconsin,” said Rep. Goyke. “The negative impact of targeted legislation and policies against Wisconsin workers and working families is harmful and equally real. I stand with Governor Evers and his commitment to invest in Wisconsin workers.”

“Wisconsin voters should choose who represents them, not the other way around,” said Sen. Erpenbach. “Republicans refusal to discuss non-partisan redistricting and fair elections is just another attempt to disenfranchise voters in our state. Democrats are committed to protecting voter access, preventing political corruption, and maintaining Wisconsin’s high ethical standards.”

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