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Neubauer’s performance raises more questions than answers

Judge Brian Hagedorn delivered a decisive victory in the first debate of the 2019 Wisconsin Supreme Court race which aired this evening by WISC-TV, WisPolitics.com, and the State Bar of Wisconsin. Throughout the course of the hour-long televised debate, Judge Hagedorn made a compelling case to the voters as to why he is most qualified to defend the rule of law, uphold our Constitution, and protect the public on the Court.

“Tonight, Judge Hagedorn outlined his vision for a Wisconsin Supreme Court free of personal political values and an adherence to analyzing the law as written,” said Lexi Ardis, campaign manager for Judge Hagedorn. “The next 10-20 years of our Court are at stake in this election, and voters deserve to know where the candidates stand in terms of their judicial philosophy. Judge Hagedorn did that tonight, while Lisa Neubauer, frankly, decided not to offer voters much of anything in the way of specifics. Her performance really raises more questions than answers.”

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