For more information, contact: Jerry Deschane, League Executive Director, 608-347-1792 (Cell)

“On behalf of the places where Wisconsin residents live and work, we thank Governor Evers for this strong statement of support. From levy limits that allow local governments to stay in step with the local economy to plugging potholes and plugging Dark Store loopholes, this is truly a pro-local government budget.”

The League noted that the Governor’s proposed transportation budget puts both local and state roads on a sustainable path. The increases to transit and general transportation aid are critical and just in time. “For generations, our citizens have invested in these transportation systems, which are critical to the state’s economy. We believe those same citizens will support the proposed modest increase in that investment and they will look to municipal governments to use those resources wisely.”

The budget’s adjustments to levy limits and shared revenue will protect critical local services. “Allowing local governments to adjust their local tax levies in step with the economy, rather than just new construction will keep property taxes at their historically-low levels but at the same time give local governments the ability to provide the police, fire, ambulance and other essential services they need.” Under the current “net new construction” limit, nine out of ten city and village budgets have lost ground to inflation over the last six years.

“Property taxes as a percentage of personal income are at their lowest level in 50 years, and by maintaining levy limits at roughly the rate of inflation, the Governor gives local governments a critical tool to keep Wisconsin’s quality of life where our citizens demand and deserve it to be.”

The League and its members will be working closely with members of the Wisconsin Legislature to advance the Governor’s municipal budget initiatives.

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