Sharpen your pencils and pull out your project plans, Public Works Directors! This one-time infusion of state resources is an opportunity to boost your local economy by funding that one road, bridge, transit or bike/pedestrian project that you’ve always wanted to pursue. The League encourages all cities and villages to look around, identify that one special project, and submit an application for funding.

Competition for these dollars will be fierce; the local transportation network has a lot of unmet needs and overdue maintenance. Secretary Thompson and his staff deserve a lot of credit for including local officials as judges. City and village projects will be weighed and ranked by city and village experts.

We thank Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Legislature for their support for the local transportation partnership. For the second budget in a row, the Legislature has passed and the Governor has approved meaningful increases in local transportation aid. This year, in addition to an increase in General Transportation Aids and transit aids, the State has included a one-time allotment of general state revenues to help out even more. This money will be put to good use in cities and villages throughout Wisconsin.

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