Madison…The leaders of the Wisconsin State Legislature released the following statements in regard to the GOP agreement on transportation funding and their commitment to making transportation reforms outside of the state budget.

“Assembly Republicans finally achieved our goal of increasing revenues to fix our roads and bridges. The GOP agreement also lays the foundation for a long-term funding solution while instituting pro-taxpayer reforms,” said Speaker Vos.

“Members of the Assembly and Senate are now working on additional reform measures to bring about more efficiency at a lower cost to taxpayers. I look forward to addressing these ideas in June,” added Vos.

“With our state continuing to make significant investments in infrastructure, it’s the duty of the Legislature to make sure that taxpayer dollars are being spent responsibly,” said Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. “In the coming days, we’ll introduce reforms to make sure that hard-working Wisconsin taxpayers are protected from wasteful spending in the future. We need to control costs and hold the Department of Transportation accountable.”

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