Madison Abortion Defense (MAD) is calling for a counter protest of the anti-choice event March for Life at the State St. entrance of the Capitol building this Tuesday, January 22, at 11 a.m. The counter protest has been called in response to an increased presence of anti-abortion forces in Madison, a city which provides no popular mandate for these actions.

As evidenced by the despicable harassment of Omaha tribe elder Nathan Phillips in Washington D.C. by March for Life attendees, banning abortion is about more than ascribing personhood to fetuses. It is about control over the bodies of others. It is in line with the right’s wish to control immigrant bodies, Black bodies, trans bodies, and others. Attacks on abortion access are an attack on all aspects of our lives, and we must fight to oppose them and defend abortion access.

We believe that mobilizing those who support abortion rights, who make up the vast majority in our community, is a critical component of the fight to defend and expand abortion rights in Madison and Wisconsin. For too long, the tiny anti-abortion minority in Madison has grown more and more bold as their continued attacks on our clinics and in our streets are left unchecked by the pro-choice majority. MAD seeks to meet these attacks wherever they crop up.

We are calling on all who believe in reproductive rights and full bodily autonomy to join us in countering this anti-abortion march on Tuesday and show those who would restrict the right to control our own bodies that they are vastly outnumbered in Madison.

Contact: Dayna Long, Madison Abortion Defense, 217-766-0771,

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