MADISON, Wis., July 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Mediasite users can now automatically publish and manage all their Zoom Video Communications cloud recordings directly in Mediasite thanks to a new integration between the two technologies. Mediasite announced its new Mediasite for Zoom app, designed to extend the value of unified communications (UC) for its customers.

The integration allows Mediasite users to turn their single-stream Zoom recordings from meetings and classes into rich, searchable and easily shareable on-demand videos — all in one central and secure place with their other rich media. Mediasite downloads the content from Zoom — along with corresponding metadata about the meeting name, creation date, author and associated email addresses. Then, Mediasite routes the content to the user’s personal folder in Mediasite where they can access and share it as needed.

Once the content is imported into Mediasite, it has all the functionality of a Mediasite video, including closed captioning and transcription capabilities, robust search, interactivity tools like in-video quizzing to create more viewer engagement, editing tools and back-end analytics to gauge viewer behavior.

The integration is set up at the admin level and is seamless and invisible to the end-user. The content simply shows up in Mediasite.

“The workforce of today is more geographically dispersed than ever, and we at Sonic Foundry understand that well. As a global company that supports remote work, we know first-hand that collaboration and productivity are at an all-time high thanks to video technologies that allow everyone to stay connected in real-time despite distance,” said Michael Norregaard, CEO, Sonic Foundry. “We are thrilled to be able to offer an integration between Mediasite and Zoom that makes reviewing what happens in those meetings easier.”

Users can find the free app in the Zoom App Marketplace.

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