During this past week four minors in the 7th District were injured by gunfire in two separate incidents – including an 11-year-old girl who was shot when bullets were fired into her home near N. 44th and W. Locust Streets.

In these incidents it is very truly a miracle that no one was killed and that distraught loved ones aren’t planning a funeral.  Thank goodness the victims will survive and recover, yet must likely continue to live in a city where too many neighborhoods are filled with firearms and people willing to use them to ‘solve’ their problems.

Gunfire doesn’t ‘solve’ any problems, and only makes them exponentially worse.

Gunfire and gun violence too often take away our future – our children and young adults – forever.

Gun violence rips away and splinters the fabric of our community by instilling fear and hopelessness where there should be hope, love and optimism about what tomorrow brings.

As a community we must work with painstaking determination to protect our most valuable resource – our kids – from deadly gun violence. In every neighborhood, our parents and leaders must stand up and say unequivocally that gun violence is unacceptable.

Our kids are certainly deserving of our efforts!

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