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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – This morning, a diverse group of organizations representing every-day working people in Wisconsin joined Governor Tony Evers at a press conference in support of his budget proposal to accept Medicaid expansion dollars. Governor Evers noted that Wisconsin has left more than $1 Billion on the table since 2014 by not accepting the expansion funds.

By expanding Medicaid, 82,000 Wisconsinites would be able to receive affordable, quality healthcare, especially in rural areas where access to healthcare is frequently an issue. This would allow greater access to behavioral and mental healthcare as well as opioid treatment. Expanded access to maternal and pediatric care could also mean a drop in the infant mortality rate.

Accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid is common sense. It would save the State of Wisconsin over $300 million dollars in state taxes alone. Wisconsin has a history of leading progressive change, but we have yet to join the 36 other states that have put their residents first. It’s clear from Joint Finance hearings across the State that expanding Medicaid is among the top issues for Wisconsin residents.

“By gutting this key provision of the People’s Budget, Republican Legislators have shown that they do not stand with Wisconsin families,” said State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa.

The Milwaukee Area Labor Council is proud to support Governor Evers’ plan to accept Federal funding to expand Medicaid.

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