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MILWAUKEE – Supervisor Dimitrijevic released a statement Monday expressing her support for keeping families together and opposing raids by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

“Milwaukee County has adopted clear policies aimed at keeping all families together. We have opposed 287(g), ensuring that local law enforcement dedicates taxpayer resources to public safety rather than dividing our community, and we declared our county a sanctuary. We are not intimidated by an overzealous executive branch of the federal government, and I look forward to participating in an inter-faith demonstration today against Trump’s ICE raids. Milwaukee was built by immigrant labor and I will resist any effort to attack our immigrant community,” said Dimitrijevic.

Dimitrijevic joined community members for a rally in support of immigrant families outside of the US Customs and Immigration Services Field Office on Monday afternoon.

In 2017, Milwaukee County adopted a policy opposing section 287(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, which authorizes the federal government to deputize certain local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration law, in February of 2017.

The policy was proposed by Supervisor Dimitrijevic.

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