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Endorsements demonstrate strength, diversity of support for Abele’s re-election

MILWAUKEE – Chris Abele’s campaign for Milwaukee County Executive released their first endorsements today, highlighting the campaign’s co-chairs who will be helping to re-elect Chris Abele in 2020.

The initial co-chairs of the campaign are:

  • Willie Hines, former Milwaukee Common Council President
  • Bryan Kennedy, Mayor of Glendale
  • Alex Lasry, Senior Vice President, Milwaukee Bucks*
  • Mayhoua Moua, Founder, Moua Consulting*
  • Patricia Ruiz-Cantu, Latino Caucus Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin*
  • Sheldon Wasserman, County Board Supervisor

“Chris Abele understands the importance of working with other elected and community leaders to get things done,” said Willie Hines. “He’s done a great job as County Executive but understands we still have a lot of work to do to end racial disparities throughout Milwaukee County. Chris is the right person to lead Milwaukee County and I endorse his candidacy.”

“I supported Chris Abele’s opponent in the last election, but Chris has never let that get in the way of working with me to help Glendale and Milwaukee County residents,” said Bryan Kennedy. “That showed me Chris’ character. Chris always puts his constituents ahead of politics and has demonstrated tremendous leadership over the past eight years as executive. We need more leaders like Chris Abele, and I am proud to support him for re-election.”

“Over the past 8 years, Chris Abele’s leadership has led to Milwaukee County’s growth and transformation,” said Alex Lasry. “From the Fiserv Forum to helping land the 2020 DNC convention, Chris is doing all he can to make sure Milwaukee County leads the way and grows for everyone. He’s the right person to continue to lead us into Milwaukee County’s promising future.”

“I am supporting Chris Abele because he listens to the needs of real people – and then he acts,” said Patricia Ruiz-Cantu. “Milwaukee has some significant challenges, including major racial disparities, and it is great to see that Chris is willing to address these challenges head on. When he says he wants to empower people, he means it, and I am proud to stand with Chris this election.”

“Chris Abele has worked hard to improve collaboration with the County Board, and I give him a lot of credit for improving his relationship with many of the County Supervisors,” said Sheldon Wasserman. “To me, this demonstrated his character and his leadership ability. Because of Chris, we are unified in our efforts to bring more resources to Milwaukee County and to better serve residents. Chris is the right person to lead us forward and help secure Milwaukee County’s fair share of funding from the state.”

“I’m proud to count each of these great community leaders as friends and to have had the privilege to work with each of them over the years on various projects to support the community we all love,” said Chris Abele. “I’m even prouder to have their support as co-chairs for my re-election campaign.”

The election for Milwaukee County Executive will take place on April 7, 2020. For additional information about Chris Abele or his campaign, please visit

*Chris Abele for County Executive does not imply the endorsement of the organizations of the Milwaukee Bucks, Moua Consulting, or Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

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