MILWAUKEE (March 1, 2019) – The greatest countries in the world and the greatest states in this country all have at their foundation a dedication to a system of education that supports their children from birth through secondary school and that provides opportunities after graduation to enhance their skills and intellects at the highest levels.
That bedrock foundation of education, a dedication to it and investment in it, is what drives social and economic development and excellence in those societies. We know how to build a world class state and world class communities because we know how to build a world class education system. The difficulty lies not in identifying the essential elements that lead to success, but in summoning the courage and sustaining the will to be successful.
There is deep, bipartisan understanding of the fact that Wisconsin needs to do better and there is a strong belief that we can do better. The depth of that understanding and belief is underscored by over two decades worth of legislative study commissions and commission reports on K-12 education. Good and honorable people have served on those commissions and have heard clear and strong testimony from the people of Wisconsin. The catalog we have created of our shortcomings is perhaps without peer. Now we must act.
Whether in our strong rural communities or vibrant urban centers, the people of Wisconsin have demonstrated time and again that they value the power of public education and they continue to do their part to support their schools. Now, in this new century, we must act as a statewide community to create a world class education system that stands us shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world.
In our view, the best first step in that effort is passage of the budget put forward by Governor Evers. The budget plan begins to position Wisconsin and our children to lead with their peers in other states and nations of the world.
As part of that call to action we offer our strongest endorsement and support of the Governor’s K-12 budget proposal and recognize that we must lead not only on behalf of our own communities but on behalf of the children of the state and in the best interests of Wisconsin.
 At this crucial moment we must join together and move this initiative forward.
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