NFIB members back legislation to close “Dark Store Loophole”

MADISON, Feb. 19, 2019 – NFIB in Wisconsin, which represents thousands of small businesses located in communities throughout the Badger state, is calling on lawmakers to close the so-called “dark store loophole,” which allows big-box retailers to reduce their property tax assessments by millions of dollars.

The “dark store loophole” is based on a 2008 decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that has allowed big retailers to successfully challenge their assessments based on vacant or abandoned stores and gain significant reductions in the property taxes paid to support local services.

“Small business owners are deeply concerned over the increasing use of the dark store assessment strategy which results in millions of property tax dollars shifted to Main Street businesses and residential homeowners,” said Bill G. Smith, State Director in Wisconsin

“We are urging the Legislature to close the “dark store loophole”, and restore fairness, equity, and uniformity for all taxpayers,” added Smith.

For more information contact:

Bill G. Smith
NFIB’s Wisconsin State Director

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