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Common Defense and Need to Impeach Launch Partnership Aimed at Rallying Support for Impeachment Among Veterans

Washington, D.C. – One of the country’s largest grassroots movements, Need to Impeach, today announced the launch of a joint partnership with Common Defense to organize and galvanize support among military veterans who support the Congressional impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. Common Defense is a leading organization founded after the 2016 presidential election made up of veterans and military families fighting to preserve America’s core values.

With the announcement of this partnership, Need to Impeach and Common Defense will combine their efforts to leverage momentum for impeachment and urge members of Congress to hold Donald Trump accountable by voting on a formal impeachment inquiry.

The launch of this partnership comes on the heels of the release of, a new push by Indivisible, MoveOn, Need to Impeach, and Stand Up America to empower constituents to find town halls, organize their own in-person events, and visit their representatives’ district offices to pressure lawmakers on impeachment.

Support for impeachment among veterans and their families has grown during the past year. Common Defense has seen its supporters grow to 150,000 nationally, which includes tens of thousands of veterans and military families across 50 states.

In the halls of Congress, support for an impeachment inquiry continues to surge as more than half of the Democratic caucus has publicly backed an impeachment inquiry, with nearly two dozen expressing support in recent weeks.

“In our country’s long history, thousands of members of Congress have taken an oath to uphold our constitution,” said Rep. Salud Carbajal (CA-24). “And tens of millions of Americans have put on a uniform to fight and protect our ability to do so. Our oath requires us to listen to and serve our constituents, and to do what’s right in the face of unprecedented challenges. We are at a critical point where doing what’s right is evident and the courage to act is needed. History is watching and the American people are demanding we act.”

“American veterans have sacrificed for our country to fight for what we know America can be. The launch of this effort is about veterans coming together to protect liberty and justice. We cannot stand by as Donald Trump tramples on the rule of law,” said Jose Vasquez, Executive Director of Common Defense.

“The momentum for impeachment has grown significantly within the Democratic Caucus, with more than a majority of the Caucus supporting an impeachment inquiry. Members of Congress have a constitutional duty to impeach this President. Veterans and voters alike understand this and we are ready to support their courage as they demand Congress to do what’s right and protect our constitution,” said Nathaly Arriola, Executive Director of Need to Impeach.

The partnership will continue to mobilize veterans in their communities starting during the August recess and until House Democrats open a formal impeachment inquiry.

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