Racine, WI — Today, Judge Lisa Neubauer posted the following video on her Facebook page in response to the latest election results. The video can be viewed here. Full transcript below.

“Friends, this is Judge Lisa Neubauer. I’m so very thankful for all your hard work on this campaign. Thanks to all of you, we reached hundreds of thousands of our neighbors with our message of needing fair, impartial, and independent courts.

We have seen near record turnout and a razor-thin margin. We faced an unprecedented deluge of last-minute, outside dark money spending — more than $1 million in the last week alone. And so now, the morning after the election, this race is still too close to call. We need to make sure that every last vote is counted, and that’s going to take a little time.

And we are going to need your help, so please go to my website, at, and sign up to volunteer and support our effort. Again, I’m so appreciative of your support, your hard work and your commitment to this campaign. Together, we will make Wisconsin stronger. Stick with me! Thanks.”

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