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“For The People” Makes Closing Argument In Supreme Court Race

RACINE — The Neubauer for Justice campaign today released its closing television ad, entitled “For the People.” The ad touts Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer as a tough but fair jurist with over a decade of experience keeping our community safe and notes her broad support from the law enforcement and judicial communities in Wisconsin. The ad demonstrates Judge Neubauer’s reason for running for Supreme Court – that Wisconsin deserves a fair, impartial, and independent judiciary. The ad can be seen here.

Judge Neubauer enjoys 98% of the judicial endorsements in the race, having been endorsed by over 340 current and former Wisconsin judges. That dwarfs the 5 judges who are publicly endorsing her opponent. She also has been endorsed by over 80 Republican and Democratic elected sheriffs and district attorneys, and hundreds of local and state elected officials and community leaders.

“Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer has the experience keeping our communities safe, the trust of law enforcement and the judiciary, and a proven track record of being independent and fair,” said Tyler Hendricks, campaign manager. “We are proud to have run a positive campaign with a consistent message delivered straight from the most-qualified candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court – Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer.”

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