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– Today’s Marquette University Law School poll demonstrates the uphill battle that Judge Hagedorn’s campaign faces in this April’s election. As Governor Walker’s former Chief Legal Counsel, Hagedorn was “involved in some of the most significant and high-profile litigation in Wisconsin history,” as stated on his own website. Hagedorn is one of the most partisan candidates to ever run for Wisconsin Supreme Court. As such, his standing with voters is inextricably tied to the overall mood of the electorate towards former Governor Walker and the hyper-partisan actions of Republican legislative leaders in the state.

With that background, the new Marquette University poll numbers do not bold well for Hagedorn’s success.

  • Judge Hagedorn has touted his role working with the state Attorney General’s office on constitutional cases to challenge the Affordable Care Act, yet a plurality of Wisconsin voters oppose the lawsuit.

  • A strong majority of voters oppose seeing Judge Hagedorn’s former boss, Scott Walker run for office again.

  • Support for recent actions taken by the Republican-controlled legislature during the lame duck stands at a paltry 33%.

Judge Hagedorn is going to have to explain how his close ties to former Governor Walker and his involvement “in some of the most significant and high-profile litigation in Wisconsin history” (including the ACA lawsuit that voters don’t support) allow him to be a fair and impartial justice on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

In stark contrast, Judge Lisa Neubauer has earned the support of more than 300 judges, including those appointed by Democrat and Republican governors. She has also received bipartisan support from District Attorneys and Sheriffs from across the state. As voters in the state continue to sour on partisan politicians, today’s Marquette poll clearly demonstrates an environment that is hostile to Judge Hagedorn.

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