Bill G. Smith
State Director of NFIB in Wisconsin
[email protected]

A Small Business Tax Reform Priority

MADISON, June 10, 2019 — NFIB, the state’s leading small business organization, has signed on as a member of a broad-based coalition dedicated to eliminating the personal property tax.

“We are very pleased to welcome NFIB to the Personal Property Coalition,” said Michelle Kussow, Executive Vice President, Wisconsin Grocers Association. “NFIB is a highly respected organization with a grassroots network of thousands of small business owners who strongly believe eliminating the personal property tax is a top tax reform priority.”

According to Bill G. Smith, state director of NFIB in Wisconsin, “Although the personal property tax is in many ways a small business tax, Wisconsin’s small business owners are joining the Personal Property Tax Coalition to help demonstrate the negative impact this tax has throughout the business community.”

Smith cited a survey study that shows 82 percent of NFIB’s members back legislation to eliminate the personal property tax–even if lost revenue would be replaced by some other form of taxation.

“The personal property tax is a grab bag of exemptions and definitions that violates the basic principles of tax fairness, simple, cost-effective administration, and low enforcement costs,” continued Smith, “we encourage lawmakers to take a major step toward tax fairness and support this key tax reform on behalf of our state’s small business community.”

Senate Bill 257, which would eliminate the personal property tax, has been introduced by Senator Duey Stroebel and co-sponsored by Representative Dan Knodl. There are over 50 co-sponsors of this important small business tax reform legislation.

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