Contact: Michael P. Opela Sr., 715-614-0330

This just in: Michael P. Opela, Sr. today announced that he plans to enter the race for the 7th Congressional District along with Jason Church and Tom Tiffany.

Michael Opela knows that change is inevitable. Change will only occur with a new perspective and a paradigm shift (if you will). Congress needs fresh ideas and a fresh look. This will require new Congressmen of various backgrounds with different ways of getting things done. Michael P. Opela, Sr. will run for Congress so that he can LISTEN to District 7; LEARN their position on issues; and CARRY that message to Congress. Since not everyone can get everything that they want, he will work to make the deal. He will get it done.

Michael would like to send a shout out to Governor Tony Evers. Gov. Evers did a great job of setting up the primary for the good of all parties involved. It was a difficult puzzle that he solved within the law. My only comment to those who are publicly demanding a different date:

Our wonderful United States of America is a melting pot. This election was scheduled quickly, as it is needed to be done. No harm was intended to any persons. By absentee voting, anyone who cannot get out to vote – for whatever reason, religious, family, travel, etc. can still vote. So get out and vote.

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