Contact: Iris Riis
608-256-7549 x2132

MADISON – Republicans in the Assembly today voted to pass bills that deliberately spread misinformation about abortion care and duplicate current law.

Statement from Mel Barnes, Legal and Policy Director at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin:

“These bills are being pushed by the same people who want to make abortion a crime in all cases and block access to birth control and sex education. If they were interested in policies that support women and babies, they would be supporting Governor Evers’ Budget. His proposal invests in women’s health by accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid and funding public health investments through the Healthy Women, Healthy Babies initiative. These are things we should all be supporting.

“With this vote, Republicans in the Assembly have made it clear that they’re not looking for solutions to the public health challenges facing Wisconsin. They’re only looking to score political points and further restrict access health care. These bills are not based in medical science and do nothing to protect women and babies in our state.”

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