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Anna DeMeuse, Communications Director
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Madison – Governor Tony Evers announced today his intention to restore public funding to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, the state’s largest abortion provider, as part of his state biennial budget proposal. His so-called “Healthy Women, Healthy Babies” initiative would eliminate current law provisions that redirect federal Title X and Title V Maternal and Child Health family planning funds away from organizations that perform or refer for abortions. Pro-Life Wisconsin Legislative Director Matt Sande offered the following comments:

“Restoring family planning funds to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin violates the consciences of Wisconsin taxpayers who oppose the use of public funds to directly or indirectly subsidize abortion. All money is fungible. Family planning funds undeniably free up resources within receiving organizations, like Planned Parenthood, to engage in the surgical abortion business. Government must not force us to participate in the killing of our preborn brothers and sisters with our federal and state tax dollars.

“It is entirely predictable that Governor Evers would bow to Planned Parenthood’s greedy demands. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, a non-profit organization with a net worth of over $10 million that profits from killing unborn babies and exploits women in distress, should not be considered a healthcare provider. The Governor touts his goal of reducing infant mortality, as if surgical and chemical abortions are somehow not infant deaths. Abortion is not healthcare!

“Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has deceived our children by fostering a false sense of security about ‘safe sex,’ and has profited greatly from selling abortions to teen girls whose birth control fails. Their confidential family planning services include the provision of abortifacient hormonal contraceptives, such as the morning-after pill and the patch, to adults and minor children. This is not healthcare but rather a violation of the trust of women and families.

“Wisconsin cannot afford to throw money at organizations that perform or refer for abortion. And Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is far from the only provider of primary and preventive women’s health services. Low-income women can get pap smears, STD screenings, and breast cancer screenings at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) at 162 locations across Wisconsin, as compared to 22 Planned Parenthood clinics.  For every Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin, there are 7 FQHCs.

“Pro-Life Wisconsin is grateful to the Republican legislature for their strong effort over the past eight years to defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. We will work with them to rebuff this fiscally and morally irresponsible step that furthers a culture of death in our state.”

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