Matt Sande, Victory Fund PAC Director
Cell: 262.352.0890

Brookfield – The Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund political action committee (PAC) has endorsed Judge Brian Hagedorn’s candidacy for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Hagedorn currently serves on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District II, in Waukesha. He was appointed to the bench by Governor Scott Walker in 2015 and was elected to a six-year term in 2017. Judge Hagedorn was also appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to serve on the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, which enforces ethical standards of judicial behavior.

“A self-described ‘textualist,’ Judge Hagedorn supports an originalist reading of our federal and state constitutions that strictly adheres to their text and history,” said Matt Sande, Victory Fund PAC Director. “As a judicial conservative, he will rule impartially by interpreting and applying the law as written – not according to his own policy or political preferences. He will not legislate from the bench, but rather will uphold our core constitutional rights, especially our freedoms of speech and religion, against government encroachment,” said Sande.

Prior to his judicial service, Brian Hagedorn served as Governor Walker’s chief legal counsel for close to five years. He also served as an assistant attorney general at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, a law clerk for former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, and as a private practice attorney for a Milwaukee law firm. Brian graduated from Northwestern University School of Law, where he was president of the Federalist Society.

Brian Hagedorn enjoys spending family time with his five children and wife of 17 years, Christina. Brian and Christina adopted their youngest child who, as a newborn, endured withdrawal from opioids due to her mother’s addiction. She was born on the Fourth of July, 2013, and named “Lily Jeanne” by her birth mother. Lily means “beautiful, purity and innocence” and “Jeanne” means “God is gracious.”

“Brian Hagedorn is a true public servant who has a heart for those most vulnerable,” said Sande. “His belief in the dignity of the human person makes him the only choice for pro-life voters. We are proud to endorse him.”

Judge Hagedorn will compete in the Spring General Election on Tuesday, April 2. The Victory Fund PAC is urging Wisconsinites to get out to the polls on this critical election date and vote for Judge Brian Hagedorn.

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