Contact: Joe Zepecki

—In case you missed it, Dr. Rita Simon—a family physician living in Chippewa Falls—penned an Op-Ed in the Leader-Telegram over the weekend laying out why Congress must pass the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R. 3) later this week. The following is an excerpt from the column.

“But while H.R. 3 would improve the lives of thousands of Wisconsinites by lowering costs and expanding access to lifesaving medications, it faces opposition from President Trump and Republican members of Congress in both the House and Senate. Republicans in the House have tried to block and obstruct the passage of H.R. 3 at every step, and Mitch McConnell has declared it dead on arrival in the Senate.

“During his campaign, President Trump promised to allow Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies. So far, his administration has failed to do so. And after giving billions in tax breaks to the biggest drug companies last year, Republicans voted against Medicare drug price negotiations in the Senate Finance Committee this past summer.

“There is much at stake for Americans in this bill that Republicans currently oppose. This plan will stop unjustified price gouging for thousands of medications, including basic ones like insulin. Not only will those on Medicare benefit from the projected savings, but the lower prices would apply to anyone purchasing drugs no matter how they are insured. Prices would go down for those who get insurance from employers and those who buy it directly from insurance companies. Whether you’re a child with asthma, a teen with diabetes, or a young parent with a rare illness, this bill will bring drug prices down for everyone.”

You can read the full op-ed here.

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