Contact: Joe Zepecki
[email protected]
MILWAUKEE – UW-Madison’s Center for Research On the Wisconsin Economy released a new study this week demonstrating that Wisconsin would “save nearly $100 million annually because of a reduction in uncompensated care costs, and that these savings exceed the costs to private insurers” if the Republican-led Assembly and Senate adopts Governor Evers’ Medicaid expansion plan.

Expanding Medicaid would also expand health care coverage (“Badgercare”) to approximately 82,000 Wisconsinites and allow the state to draw $1.6 billion in new federal funding.

Last week, The Marquette Law School poll found overwhelming public support for Evers’ plan to expand Medicaid – with 70% of respondents saying they support the proposal.

Wisconsinites continue to express support for expansion – especially as they learn more about how Wisconsinites can access quality health care and the positive economic impacts of expanding the program.

Republicans in Madison should work with the governor to pass full Medicaid expansion, cover tens of thousands of Wisconsinites, and save our state millions.

Read the full report here.

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