MILWAUKEE, WI – This week, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham confirmedwhat we already knew: if President Trump is reelected, the GOP will make another push to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions and kicking millions of their health care.


As one article points out, “Rather than learn the lessons of 2018, Graham made it clear that his party plans to return to the same playbook that failed a year ago.”


“Previous GOP attempts to repeal ObamaCare were a driving force in Democrats taking back the House in 2018, and the issue has also reemerged among 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls debating the best approach to health care,” The Hill also notes.


While Republican legislators plan their next move to repeal the ACA, the GOP is wasting no time waging their war on health care in the courts; the Republican Texas v. United States lawsuit to dismantle the ACA is currently making its way through court. Meanwhile, Democrats are working to preserve the ACA’s consumer protections, expand coverage, and lower costs. 

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