Rep. Scott Allen released the following statement regarding Gov. Evers’ proposed Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation:

“If Democrats really cared about gun violence, they would object to prosecutors and liberal judges in Milwaukee and Dane Counties regularly dismissing weapons charges on felons.  Instead, Democrats continue to prey on the fear of Wisconsinites and propose potential infringements on constitutional safeguards.  The Constitution is here to restrain government.

While this proposal may have some ideas of merit, we should approach any empowerment of government with great trepidation.  The Democrats enthusiasm for disarming law-abiding Americans provides sufficient cause for distrust.

The vaguest suggestion that the government can take property from an individual without due process is appalling.  Property should never be seized by the government on the basis of a statement of one person.   The bill, unfortunately, makes the assumption that the potential victim of violence will be filing the petition—not a potential perpetrator to preemptively disarm the victim.  To thwart evil people, we must consider the ways evil people think.

Legislation such as this is deserving of consideration and a robust debate to ensure that the interests of all parties are considered.  Let us not be too quick in our approbation.”

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