Fitchburg – Today the Wisconsin State Assembly will vote on the state budget, which once again denies Wisconsinites the Medicaid expansion. Rep. Jimmy Anderson released the following statement:

“As we round out the budget for the 2019-2021 fiscal year, we stand exactly where we were over five years ago: denying health insurance to thousands of Wisconsinites. Yesterday marked the 2000th day where we ignored the well-being AND the will of the people, imperiling our budget and the health of Wisconsinites everywhere. That’s five years, five months, and 24 days of obstruction.”

“Expanding Medicaid is not some political ploy or empty talking point. It’s quite literally the difference between life and death for many Wisconsinites. When we ignore the will of the people, not only do we undermine the strength and vitality of our democracy, we plague the very lives of our constituents. And every life we lose and will lose is a black mark on this legislature.”

“Let’s not waste another day. Expand Medicaid now. Without it, the vote on the budget is No.”

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