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MADISON – Governor Evers’ “Healthy Women, Health Babies” proposal aims to improve women’s access to preventative care such as cancer screenings, health exams, and STI testing, supporting healthier pregnancies and births, and address racial disparities in maternal and child health. These proposals will help fight maternal and infant mortality that plagues Wisconsin families. In response Rep. Anderson released the following statement:

“We have a moral responsibility to rectify the worst racial disparities for infant mortality in the nation. Governor Evers’ Budget strives to create healthier communities to ensure babies are born healthy and stay healthy, and that quality health care for women is accessible for all. We must keep this program along with the Medicaid expansion to improve health care for all Wisconsinites!”

Additionally, the plan will reinstate Title X funding that is designated for comprehensive, evidence-based contraception and reproductive health services. It also increases funding for the Wisconsin Well Woman Program that provides health screenings to women who are 45-64 years old with limited health insurance coverage.

“Women, not politicians, should be empowered to make their own health care decisions,” said Rep. Anderson. “Safe, affordable, and accessible care is not available across the state without Planned Parenthood and the other nonprofit Title X health care centers. I’m proud to sit with a Governor that is committed to protecting the rights of all women, improving birth outcomes, and expanding access to reproductive services. These proposals along with the expansion of Medicaid will expand health insurance to 82,000 Wisconsinites and support healthy communities in every corner of Wisconsin.”

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