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Evers rejects bipartisanship in favor of liberal agenda to raise taxes and balloon government.
Madison…Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) released the following statement in reaction to Governor Tony Evers budget proposal:
“Although Governor Evers has talked about working together, his actions prove otherwise.  Tonight’s budget address was a missed opportunity for bipartisanship.
Governor Evers has rejected our olive branch by proposing a budget that is full of radical liberal ideas.  It is clear that he is more interested in politics than governing.
I am particularly alarmed by the enormous cost to taxpayers that would result from this unnecessary expansion of government.  When a budget starts with a surplus, it makes no sense to increase the tax burden on families and job creators.
Below are a handful of bad ideas that I vehemently oppose, which must be rejected:
  • $500 million tax increase on job-creators and farmers
  • Vastly expanding welfare programs, which already comprise 1/3 of the state budget
  • Providing driver’s licenses and taxpayer-funded in-state tuition perks to all illegal aliens
  • Backdoor legalization of recreational marijuana use
  • Restoring taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood
 I look forward to working with my colleagues to craft a budget in the coming months that reflects the values of the constituents I represent instead of just a liberal wish list for those in Madison.  Our budget will reflect the values and needs of everyday Wisconsinites, not special interests in Madison.
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