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Budget balances needed investments with middle class tax cut

MADISON…State Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) announced today that he has voted in favor of the state biennial budget bill. August praised the budget as a taxpayer-friendly alternative to Governor Evers’ original budget.

“The budget the Assembly passed tonight not only cuts taxes, but it keeps spending in line with taxpayers’ ability to pay,” said August. “In contrast, the budget proposed by Governor Evers would have turned our massive surplus into a nearly $2 billion deficit while increasing taxes and fees by over $1 billion.”

Representative August highlighted the fact that the budget is fiscally responsible because it not only cuts income taxes by over $450 million, but it also rejected Governor Evers’ $6 billion spending increases as well as an unnecessary expansion of the state bureaucracy.

The budget also rejected Governor Evers’ controversial proposals that would decriminalize marijuana, provide drivers’ licenses and tuition breaks for illegal aliens, expand welfare programs, remove drug testing requirements, and give free internet to welfare recipients.

“Governor Evers’ budget would have taken Wisconsin in the wrong direction,” explained August. “The budget we passed will not only be taxpayer friendly, but it will also invest in our children’s education and protect the most vulnerable members of our population.”

Specifically, the budget that passed the Assembly will increase education funding to record levels as well as increase special education funding by 22% and double funding for student mental health. The budget also improves health care by increasing caregiver wages and reimbursement levels for nursing homes to protect our vulnerable population. Additionally, funding increases for worker training will help ensure our workforce is strong. Finally, the budget invests in Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure including sizable increases in local road aids without raising the gas tax.

The budget passed the State Assembly and now goes to the State Senate for approval. Governor Evers will than have the ability to review the bill.

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