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Legislation would ensure access to health care if ACA is struck down.

MADISON…Today the State Assembly passed legislation that would guarantee health care coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) voted in favor of the bill, Assembly Bill (AB) 1, which passed on an overwhelmingly bipartisan 76 to 19 vote, with all Republicans voting yes.

“Ensuring health care coverage for those with pre-existing conditions was one of the top commitments I made to my constituents,” said August. “Today I am proud to say we have made health care legislation protecting those with pre-existing conditions a top priority.”

Specifically, AB 1 would prevent insurance companies from implementing any of the following provisions: denying someone a policy because they have a pre-existing condition, refusing to cover services that people need to treat a pre-existing condition, or charging a higher premium based on a person’s health status. Additionally, the bill eliminated an insurance company’s ability to place lifetime or annual caps on the cost of medical care for an individual.

“We all know someone with a pre-existing condition and the challenges they will face if they lose their health care coverage,” said August. “We need to provide these families with the peace of mind that they won’t be denied coverage if the ACA is struck down.”

August pointed out that this is the second time he has voted to approve legislation protecting pre-existing conditions. The bill will now go to the State Senate for consideration.

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