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“Every single child across our state is worth taking care of.”

MILWAUKEE – In response to last night’s tense exchange between Democrats and Republicans on the Joint Committee on Finance over child welfare funding, during which Republicans accused Milwaukee County of “screwing” taxpayers in the rest of the state, Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“Yet again, those of us who proudly live in Milwaukee have to watch as Republicans in Wisconsin smear the City of Milwaukee & Milwaukee County as drains on the State when the exact opposite is true. Milwaukee has served as not just an economic engine of our great State for years but a gold mine, sending funds to the State coffers and talent to every corner of Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, we still believe in the sharing of resources and a real commitment to the entire state.”

During the exchange last night, some Republicans took issue with taxes from other areas of the state contributing to funding for child welfare services in Milwaukee County. In Wisconsin, like in almost all jurisdictions, tax allocation is based on need, rather than the original source of those taxes.

“Perhaps most disappointing, though, is seeing some of my Republican colleagues’ willingness to use Milwaukee kids at risk as pawns in their divisive political games. Kids in need deserve our support and attention no matter where they live, whether in Milwaukee, Beaver Dam, Marinette, or anywhere in between. Some of my Republican colleagues may disagree, but if you ask me, every single child across our State is worth taking care of.”

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