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Governor’s First Budget Address Offers a Way Forward for Wisconsin

MADISON – Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement in response to Gov. Evers’ first budget address this evening:

“I was incredibly pleased tonight to hear Governor Evers lay out a positive vision to move Wisconsin forward. For too long, many Wisconsin citizens have been neglected or ignored, and this budget provides a blueprint to correct that track record. As Governor Evers said, this budget is about putting the people of Wisconsin first, and that is why I was most encouraged to hear the Governor’s plans to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin by giving redistricting authority to the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau.”

The plan proposed by Gov. Evers would create a five-member non-partisan commission to redraw legislative maps during the post-census redistricting process. Currently, that power is held by the Legislature, which has historically redrawn maps to benefit the party in power at the time of redistricting. Earlier this year, a Marquette University poll found that 72% of Wisconsinites were in favor of turning responsibility for redistricting over to a non-partisan body.

“Wisconsin is the poster child for hyper-partisan gerrymandering, and, until that changes, our democracy will continue to suffer for it. The people of Wisconsin are smart enough to choose their elected officials themselves without sitting legislators forcing their hand. I am glad to hear that Governor Evers understands that, and I hope that my fellow legislators can come together to move this important initiative forward.”

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